Driving Licence Test Symbols & Road Signs

To drive on road, knowing traffic signs & symbols are the foremost thing that makes a person eligible to sit on front driver seat of any vehicle. Also, as traffic signs are the key elements that ensure safety and alliance with other vehicles and pedestrians, having good knowledge of driving symbols is significant.

Especially for new learners and for those seeking driving license test, knowing symbols and traffic safety rules is mandatory. Without having information about traffic rules and signs, a driver cannot drive properly and in sequence with other vehicles on the road. These signs are meaningful and describe certain instructions that must be learned carefully to avoid any problem while driving on the road.

At major crossroads, these driving symbols guide drivers whether to turn right, left, stop by, go, leave space for pedestrian and so on. It can be said that functioning of a road greatly depends on driving signs, roads condition and good driving skills of vehicle owners.

Road Safety Signs & Symbols

Here is a short brief about road safety signs that are primarily of three types, which are as follows.

Informative Signs: A guide to the road, these signs tell about various destinations which are helpful for public. Informatory signs show distance covered or left to particular destination, guides about alternative routes, and locations like public toilets, food joints, schools, hospitals, medical stores etc.

Cautionary Signs: As the name suggest, these signs are designed to alert the road users to be conscious of road beforehand. The drivers are expected to move accordingly, adjust the speed of the vehicle and take control to take necessary actions if the situation required.

Mandatory Signs: There are certain signals and road signs that cannot be avoided and violating them is a punishable offence. Although these signs are designed to ensure free movement of traffic but the driver requires to be conscious about these signs specifically that shows restrictions and prohibitions. If not followed, then driver could be fined and can be punished as well.

In practical test, however, manoeuvrability test is also carried out in a particular setting to check how a driver can control a vehicle. This test includes emergency stops, making alphabet S and H, making numerical 8 on ground, reversing vehicle, climbing slops and semi hill top etc. practical test is carried out differently in various cities so one should prepare accordingly.

In driving test for new licence questions and answers related to road safety are asked too. Qualifying driving test in written paper is as important as completing practical. That is why to obtain driving license in India or other countries, various driving tests are being conducted to test the skills of the applicant and knowledge about road safety. Both written and practical test is included in driving test which mean being unaware of road signs can lead to failure in driving test.

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To avoid that, it is advisable to get familiar with traffic signs and symbols before obtaining driving license procedure. However, RTO paper work can be done meanwhile and a learner can also get familiar with road safety rules and traffic signs to pass driving test and get permanent or learner’s license.

According to the statistical reports published in leading online portal, in developing countries like India, traffic is the most crucial problem as the ratio of vehicle are more in comparison to roads available. Although government and authorities are working on Intelligent Transportation System and more roads availability, but citizen’s participation plays a key role in maintaining peace and following traffic rules to decrease accidents rates.

Thus, the implementation of Traffic rules in top metropolitan cities and states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh is highly important as a large number population resides here. With increasing number of people taking Indian driving license test, it is even more significant for authorities to grant license to only eligible drivers. A reason why, prior preparation to pass driving test is required.

To prepare for driving license written test various reference materials are available online and offline. LLR question bank, and free mock road sign practice test is a good option for those who wants to practice online. Candidates can also get driving licence test questions and answers in PDF format and in English, Hindi and Marathi language.

For those who cannot devote much time in preparations, merely going through mandatory signals/ signs and traffic rules that may appear in automated driving test can help them to pass the exam. LLR mock test that contains learning license test questions and road signs for driving test are best recommended and are easily available online. For learning license test, candidates can download All India RTO LLR License question and answers sheets as well and can learn to discriminate between various road signs & symbols.


  1. I am going for driving test , and hope all these symbols come in my test .
    Not for this test but also in the test of life when the use of these symbols come I would be able to recognise them and use the knowledge which I gain by learning about them from your site .
    Thanks for the information..

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