Learning Licence Mock Test Online

RTO Learning LicenceĀ  Mock Test Question are the best to prepare for the online driving licence exam. There are many online mock test available online that can help you prepare yourself for the RTO exams. These are quite helpful not even in doing preparation but in fact makes you knowledgeable enough about the RTO driving rules that will further make you a better driver.

Clearing learning licence test is mandatory when applying for new licence and to learn how to drive in the city. Without this you cannot drive on the road and will be fined if caught by the traffic police. Preparing for the test for driving licence is thus important to be on safer side and clear the written exam.

The written exam is also followed by a driving test which is practical.The practical test is based on traffic rules which is conducted to check the driver’s ability to drive, understand traffic rules, whether the driver has control over the vehicle or not.

Studying more about RTO within India, Traffic rules, Safety rules for driver and pedestrian, knowing more about vehicle such as registration PUCC, full forms such as Light Multi role Vehicle (LMV), Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) can help you prepare for the theory exam of driving license. Only download RTO question paper which is relevant to the topic and is revised. You can also download RTO exam app to prepare as per your convenience.

RTO Exam questions are available in different langauges (eg. Marathi, Hindi, Telugu). Depedning on the langauge you understand you can download more questions on RTO exam in English as well. You can download rto exam question papers pdf files or learning licence test book to read on offline mode.

If he clears the prescribed test and score well then learning licence is issued. Candidate has to submit document to complete the procedure. So if you are looking for a quick mock test to prepare for learning licence test then go through given below questions and check your knowledge.

1 When passerby crossing the road, what you should do?
Stop and wait to let them cross the road

2 When another vehicle is about to come from opposite side and you are on narrow bridge, What should you do?
Proceed after the vehicle crosses the bridge

3. You should not, When the road is one way
Not drive in Reverse Gear

4. From which side overtaking of a vehicle is allowed?
Ride side

5. What is the way to distinguish a transport vehicle and its registration city?
Through number plate

6. Learner’s Licence is valid for how many months?
Six months

Learning Licence Mock Test Online

7. What types of vehicles are allowed for free passage?
Fire, Service, Ambulance

While passing on road, what does it mean to click headlights two time?
To overtake, or go before

8. Motor vehicle drivers are allowed on which side of the road?
Left side

9. Zebra lines are for?
Crossing the lane for pedestrian

10. What are the vital record of a vehicle?
Registration certificate, Insurance, Tax token, Driving licence, Pollution check

11. What does PUCC stand for?
Pollution Under Control Certificate

12. What is the minimum age for applying learner’s driving licence.
16 years


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