Documents Required For Learning Driving Licence

Driving Licence is one of the important identity documents in India which is widely required for various purposes. Having a valid driving licence is a necessity for every common resident of India. While the procedure of getting a new driving licence is entirely online, its document requirement remains the same.

So even if the procedure has gone online gone due to digitisation of the process fulfilling legitimate document requirement for driving licence is must for applicants.There are RTO authorised centres in different cities where one can apply for new licence however again, the documents requirement is the same.


Quite often people look for city-wise documents requirement to apply for driving licence, however, it doesn’t matter in which city an applicant resides since the document requirement is almost the same. Original documents are not directly submitted for the licence procedure. So if you are looking for RTO licence documents list then given below you can find complete information about the same.

But photocopies or scanned copies are acceptable and these copies must match the original documents of the applicant. Because even the slightest variation in the document can lead to cancellation of the application.


Many RTO agents can also help during the procedure but it is advisable to seek only legitimate way to get your licence. Be aware of misuse of documents while coordinating with agents. Noways applicant can directly apply online for obtaining license, NOC, certificates and completing by merely doing registration of various vehicles online.

List of documents needed for driving licence or learner’s Licence

Birth certificate – It is considered as an identity proof of the applicant which is issued by the Government of India. A copy of birth certificate must be attached when applying.


Application form – It has to be accurately filled with the matching details available on the other documents of the applicant.

Passport – It is again considered as the identity proof of the applicant and can be considered as residential proof as well. The passport must be valid and must match with the details of the candidates.

School certificate- in case of absence of residential proof it can be considered as an alternative however, in many cases application is rejected if other supporting documents are not accurate.


Voter’s identity card- again it is a government issued document which is valid as residential and identity proof of the applicant, so attaching a copy of this document is important to attach with the application.

Pan Card- in case you don’t have voter card, passport or other id proof then pan card can be considered as identity proof because it is also issued by government. Other document as prescribed by state government are also accepted.

Electricity & Telephone Bill – It is required as residential proof but it has to be on latest date and not before than 3 months.


Medical Certificate – is also required for learners license especially for transport vehicles, applicants has to submit their medical certificate along valid learner licence which they previously received after passing seminary test or learner’s test.

Once you finish all the documents requirement and submit the application either online or offline make sure you have received driving licence document refrence number for future refrenece.


  1. sir i am a permanent resident of bihar n currently reside in delhi since January 2017.I have agreement paper of house renting . Can i apply for driving licence (learning) with this document along with my Adhara card?

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